Blogs as Monetary Source

The article entitled Google and Blog Advertising said it right. With the innovation of blogs many things can be done. Aside from breaking the barriers of communication and information flow, blogs have also increased its potential as monetary source. Among known websites and reporters, blogs have been their way of expanding their reach. Blog was also used by other people who were fond of writing their daily activities and their pieces of art. Blog has become an online journal. However, blog innovated into a way of helping users generate income. Meanwhile, the term “blog” has arisen from the term Web Blog which purposely designed to provide a platform for free flow of information, idea and opinion between different users.

Through the Google advertisements like Adsense, a blogger can earn through ads. The potential of earning has been increased through sponsored ads. Since then, the rise of bloggers has tripled in number. But then, blog has been generally used by bloggers as a means of expressing their opinion, or ideas, or thoughts about different issues. At the same, it has also been designed as a platform for business owners, big or small, as an online store. Through blogs, their products have been made known and have earned several customers.


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