A weapon against destruction

With the invention of internet, various things which have been impossible before can now be possibly done. Many surprises appear in just one click in the World Wide Web. Apart from that millions of opportunities are made available through the internet. However, with the innovation of internet, various hassles have also been created. Virus is one. It can be remembered that in the late 90’s the love bug virus bombarded the millions of computers and billions were lost due to that virus. One click has made it possible for one virus to ruin almost everything. Virus is indeed powerful. Eventually, various kinds of viruses spread in the internet and wireless communication. Many files and transactions have been exposed to threat of being hacked, lost, or circulated. Other viruses, on the other hand, create annoyance and even reformatting of computer and loss of data.

In resolving the problem on virus, anti-virus has been invented. Among the anti-virus tools that are effective in expelling viruses include anti-spyware and anti-malware. Through these antivirus tools, data are secured from being hacked or from being lost. It also drives away illegal file intruders and will give assurance and security despite various threat of virus in the internet. I do have an encounter with viruses. While surfing the net, I accidentally clicked an image which led to me to doubtful and unreliable site. Eventually, my computer didn’t work the following day. Upon opening my computer, the image of the virus automatically pops up making the computer useless. The only way that made the computer work again was reformatting it. As expected, no data was retrieved. The effect of virus is indeed unbearable and tremendous. So, before experiencing what I have experienced, it is better to secure your computer with antivirus tools.


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