Revisiting Clean Air Act of 1999

During the rising environmental concern and the perceived effect of pollution in the health of the people and on the environment, the Clean Air Act was enacted in 1999 or RA 8749. The law primarily recognizes the right, duties and obligations of the government and the citizens, as well, to protect the global environment by maintaining clean air. It also specifically expressed that pollutants must pay for their irresponsibleness and bringing detriment to the environment. The law remarkably addresses one of the foremost rights of the citizens which is to have a clean and healthy environment. But at the same time obliges every individual in making the objective of the law possible and attainable.

It has been ten years since the enactment of the law and, in fairness, remarkable changes can be observed. There has been reduction of CO2 emissions. Leaded fuels were also been eradicated and the lead-free oil products have been introduced. The law was also strengthened by other environment-related international laws and treaties where Philippines is a signatories. Several inventions has been introduced to reduce CO2 emissions.Among these includes cars powered by electricity and by liquefied petroleum gas. Currently, biofuel are being improved in order to supply more environment-friendly gas resources. Many pollutants have also been fined and forced to convert their cars into something powered by lead-free fuels. These changes, at least, have an indispensable part in making our environment as a living place. For the following years, may the government exert more effort in designing and adopting ways that will improve the environment so tat the future generation will also enjoy what this present generation is enjoying.


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