Let's talk about sex

Yesterday, I had my hair styled in one of the branches of David's Salon. Since I got inside, the conversation with their hairstylist was going well. So many smiles and humorous topics. It actually got more exciting when we were talking about sex. Of course, it isn't sex as many understand it when the word is spoken. Instead, it's about gender. The mistake is usually general. many questionnaires and forms interchanged gender to sex. But, I guess it is an acceptable mistake. Well, back to gender. At the very moment I saw the hairstylist, I knew it at once that he was gay.

During the conversation, he was asking me who was my last hairstylist, "Was he a man?" (Lalaki ba naggupit sayo?" Answering this question was quite difficult for me. During the time when the world was not invaded by gender innovations, answering such question was, of course, easy. Human beings have only two genders/sex, the male and the female or boy and girl, or man and woman. I was about to answer the question when something suddenly registered in my mind. So I decided answering him in a safest way as possible. I replied, "Wait! I cannot answer your question unless rephrased. I guess the right question is, What kind of male was my last..." Isn't it true, there are called subgenders? Male can be subdivided into straight, gay and bisexual.(Probably some have something to add). I was expecting the hairstylist to react violently because I thought he was among the subgender-gay. However, he agreed with a laugh and said, "It's good I don't fall among the subgenders. I am definitely a man and I am married to a woman." His response actually embarrassed me because I have implied doubt as to his identity/ gender when I ask him to show his wedding ring. But I remain composed and replied, "very good!"

*Sigh* It is really difficult to identify the gender of people today. The innovations in styles and changes in environment may have affected our perception about things, ie gender. However, in such conversation, I have learned one thing, don't judge one person by his appearance because looks may be deceiving. lol. It's always good to know the inner self of one person rather than relying on his personal appearance. Unless, his identity can obviously be determined.

I haven't shared this story to my friends yet and I am honestly sure that this "encounter" will make them laugh and will say "maldita ka talaga" ^-^


Josh of Arabia said...

this is tantamount to saying "dont judge the book by its cover" daw..

hi gi, remember me?..i am wondering why we're not hopping @each other anymore,..

btw,..ang pretty woman mo naman dyan sa avatar...gergeous hair :D


ginabeloved said...

Hi! of course I remember you Josh,

maybe we were just busy ^-^

anyway, thanks for the hop

will visit you soon ^-^

have a nice day! :)

TruBlue said...

I've regarded myself as "tops" or someone with "natural knack" for identifying if one is one the othe side of the fence and vice-versa.

Then one day - someone I worked with for seven long years was a "lesbian". And another one I've always thought of as "gay" was freaking straight as hell, hehe....

I've worked with both.

Cheers to you and goodhealth!

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