...and so WHAT?!

It is really very disappointing to hear people responding "so what" when the government or people with authority says recycle, reduce, or reuse because the Earth is in the brink of danger. The fact about Global Warming has also been an issue of "a no big deal" for most of the people around the world. Far more, it is very saddening to know that people and even the government ignore the environmental problem that is faced by our Mother Earth today. Despite the facts about Global Warming, people still respond with "so what?!"
Personally, I had a hard time convincing people I know not to use styro-made materials and plastic because of its deteriorating effect on the environment and it was hard to get a nod but is easy to get a response of "so what" and unacceptable reasons. It is also disappointing to learn that some professionals do not actually know how to throw their wastes. Despite information campaign and efforts of the environmentalists about preserving the environment, some people are still heedless. Instead, they just leave the responsibility and effort borne by these environmental organizations. There is indeed lack of cooperation as to the preservation of environment is concerned.
Now, man's heedless response to the problem resulted to the melting of the glaciers, extinction of polar bears and other living organisms, continuous flooding, almost unbearable pollution, diseases, and unimaginable calamities due to unpredictable weather among others. Some of the consequences of global warming is also prevalent and being experienced today in almost part of the world, and yet, only few says, "I'll do my contribution today." Since the facts about global warming is really happening and being experienced today, can we still say, "...and so what?!"


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