social network with purpose

Internet has indeed maximized and even surpassed man’s expectation of possibilities. Through the internet, man is capable of doing millions of things in just an instant click of a mouse. The internet has also made socialization easier, effective, and efficient. More importantly, it made searches of unsearchable names, places, things, etc. easy. Building friends with others has been enhanced by social networking. The introduction of various social networking has indeed united most of the people, regardless of age, gender, status, into the same interest. Aside from that, various interests have been addressed by social networking in the internet.
However, it can be observed that the reigning social networks are limited only on several fields of interests. In this regard, the newest social networking has been invented that encompasses almost all stuff that interests a man. These various interests will make group of people closer as they have an avenue of discussing, reviewing, and being updated as to the thing (i.e. movie, car, pet, etc) that best interest them. In addition, at Acobay, the recent development is being posted in order to continuously update the members. Further, through discussions, one’s idea can be freely shared to others. Hence, the network does not only create a network of friends but instead unite people through the stuff that interests them.


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