Just yesterday, ate Weng sent me a message giving me the account of my long time crush while serving at DENR. Yeah, at this very moment, I am thinking of Peter. While thinking of him, I also decided of writing a post about my life’s experience with this particular man. Few years back, I worked at DENR while enrolled in law school. I was a kind of lady that does not really look like a lady ^-^ simply because of my simplicity. However, deep inside is a girl’s heart that normally looks up to guys that appears cute or handsome. Despite simplicity and conservative-like lady, I usually let my crush feel or know that that I have a crush on him. I dunno but I am different from others who opted to hide their feelings. Peter was once my crush that I just could not forget my most embarrassing yet “kilig moment”. I saw him while we were having a flag ceremony as he was also working in said department but assigned to another bureau.
I took his phone number from our common friend and started sending him quotes several times a day. He asked who I was but I just said that I am his stalker. I felt that he also wanted to ride with me. And so the texting became more regular. However, several times, I was the one who send a message to him first, well of course ^-^. I wasn’t contented and so I took his ym account. The conversation became more regular even during office hours. But one of the most memorable was the very day that he knew already who I am. He persisted in convincing me to tell who am I but I just told him that I am just a stone’s throw away from him and I know every move he makes. The “bolahan” continued until each of us knew that the truth is coming out. During that conversation, I felt that he know already who am I but pretended as if he does not. I just went on typing words that ended both of us laughing. But the embarrassing moment was when I observed that he was not replying already and too late when I noticed that he was in our office for an official business. Running inside the pantry was my very first reaction. I knew that he saw me ran but insisted on hiding because I just could not look at him with my face turning red and guilty ^-^. He left the office and the conversation in ym continued. I just couldn’t understand my feeling when he said “Why did you run?” I couldn’t help myself from biting my arms because I didn’t really know what to do. Even without facing him, I know that he is laughing in from of his computer saying “Now, I know who you are.” But then, I managed to collect my thoughts and composure and replied, “Because I am shy”… That very moment, I admired Peter more because he was so kind and just know how to handle the situation. He knows how to make me at ease at such point. Well, definitely I enjoyed also the conversation and couldn’t just hide the “kilig” feeling. And, through the conversation admitted that he looks so handsome and appealing to me. Eventually, we ended as online friends only as it made us more comfortable. Besides, he was a religious man and active in church that made him even more handsome. He was my crush but never wished to be his gf. Today, he is now enjoying his chosen career in the US and according to my lastest update, he has an American gf.
To Seb, wherever you are right now, I wish you more success and I know that your dreams are not far from realization because you have a heart full of kindness and love.


Gorgeous MUM said...

nice story!

was here leaving some lovely thoughts!

Gorgeous MUM said...

Happy April Fools Day!

Kerslyn said...

cute! kinilig din ako...hahaha. na-miss ko yung stage na yan sa life ko. and actually wishing na sana pwede pa ako magka-crush at kiligin kahit may asawa na ako.hehehe.shhhh.....

oppssss....d pala pwede ang name/url sa comment settings mo. anyway, I'm visiting from my main home

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