There is still hope for bad credit record

It is of no doubt that most of us depend on our credit cards, especially during the times when cash is not available. Getting credit cards is so easy so as with using it in stores. However, many of us also have an atrocious story to tell with regard to credits. There are a lot of people who had a hard time paying their bills on time. Through time, the credit increases. This is also aggravated by the interests added. Eventually, credit becomes a burden causing some to have a bad credit record.
Having a bad credit record is as good as having a bad record. Some lending companies and banks deny loan applications due to credit records. Worst scenario could be being blocked for having a bad credit record. However, there is no more worries because of the enactment of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FAIR) and the Fair Debts Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). According to these laws, the burden of proving credit is on the creditors and credit bureaus. It means that creditors have to support their claims with evidences. But then, someone should backup the debtor. Now here comes the vital role of credit repair.
Through credit repair, a debtor is assisted in clearing his credit histories. Through their strategies, credit dispute could be won by debtor. This would eventually help improve credit.
Credit repair does not only repair bad credit history, rather it also help improve credit score. As a result, the debtor who had history of bad credit would be able to apply loans again and be qualified for other rewarding opportunities in the commerce system.


Anino said...

Kamusta na???
Ako, pinipigilan kong kumuha ng mga credit card na yan. Ayokong mangutang! Baka kasi hindi ko mabayaran.

ginabeloved said...

HI Anino! so tagal na rin. well yeah kakaburden talaga ang credit card. as much as possible dapat pigilan kasi tukso.. ^-^.

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