Simple things to help Mother Earth

You think you can’t help? You’re wrong.
Here are simple tips you can contribute to environment.

1. Do not litter and do not spit.
For a cleaner surroundings, it is good to see not even a piece of candy wrapper anywhere. In many of the countries, littering is strictly prohibited and is even penalized. Some of the cities in the country adopted a “No Littering” and “No Spitting” ordinance. It is a good start. However, still in many places, littering seems to be a hobby. Trash cans are provided and yet many litter are discarded everywhere. Spit are seen everywhere.

2. Do not smoke. Smoking does not only destroy your health but also creates millions of cigarette butts. They pollute the land as they pollute your lungs. Cigarettes butts do not decompose easily; it takes years before it vanishes or biodegrades.
3. Do not chew gum. Yes, chewing gum freshens your breath but is considered a pollutant. Though it is just a tiny waste after chewed, a million tiny can build a mountain. Chewing gums decomposes after number of years.
4. Do not buy goods packed in plastic bags. Many products and grocery items are packed in sachets that end up as useless waste after they are consumed. Plastic takes too many years before they biodegrades and even clog the drainages that causes flood. Buy, instead, those packed in plastic tubes or bottles. You don’t just save money but will also be your source of extra income. Plastic tubes or bottles, glass bottles and cans can be sold in the junk shops. Aside from saving, you also helped in not generating plastic wastes.
5. Use reusable or recyclable bags. When buying your goods make sure to bring with you your cloth bag or paper bag to pack your bought items. You minimize the generation of waste by not needing your goods be packed in another plastic waste. It does not only give you convenience but will also help the environment.

6. Use “energy saving” home appliances. This time, where global warming is getting intense, saving more energy can reduce the production of greenhouse gases. Using energy saving appliances will not only benefit the environment but will also save you a dime when electric bill is due.

7. Save energy. The lesser energy we use the smaller amount we pay and the more money we save. When an appliance is not in use make sure to turn it off and unplug it. In office, make sure to turn off the computer and put off the lights during break time. Or else put your computer is a power saving mode. That way, the energy used is lessened.
8. Segregate. Proper segregation of waste into basic Biodegradable and non- Biodegradable will not just a cleaner look of your garbage corner will help the garbage collector. Things that can be recycled will easily be segregated. Further, be kind enough to the bottom feeders who dig into your garbage for food.
9. Commute. Yes, you have car. 4But if you can ride a taxi, bus, jeepney or any kind of public transport please do. You will not just help in minimizing emission of hazardous gas but will also help in the realization of a cleaner air.
10. Educate. Teach your kids or those younger than you to be aware of the environmental problems. Teach them simple values to love our nature. At an early age, teach them to treat their waste well.
11. Avoid creating waste. In everything you do and for every thing you buy, make sure to include the environment impact of everything. Do not be a pollutant instead be an advocate of a cleaner and greener Earth.


I Love Philippines Too! said...

Naks! Naks Friend! All the opposite of these activities we do in the Philippines, especially the spitting! I don't know why many people simply spit around. Especially in jeepneys! Yung mukhs ng ibang pasahero, natatalsikan ng dura kasi nga mga maledukado. Nakakahiya man but I have to admit that I have experienced na natalsikan talaga...kasi mahangin sa jeep, once from fellow passenger and twice or thrice from the drivers mismo.

Also sa taxi, dumudura din sila sa kalsada...kaya maraming may TB sa atin ksi kahit sino, free dumura! Nakakasuka!

caca said...

Madali pala ang tulungan si inang kalikasan. pero bakit ba lagi kong nakakaligtaan ang mga bagay na to.

salamat sa paalala. :)

Il Monetiser said...

Hi Caca! You are right, these things seem very simple eyt our Inang Kalikasan is dying because of our irresposbilities at kapabayaan.

It is indeed very true that "things are easier said than done".

ginabeloved said...

gosh! yeah i did experienced it also, i think once from then on, i always make over extra care when riding a jeepney. hay filipinos

ginabeloved said...

to caca and il monetiser, its true simple things to help the environment are quite difficult to do merely because, conservation of the environment is not in our top priority. but if we put it as among one of our concerns, especially inculcating it in a child's mind things would be easier and part of a habit.
one reason why we find it difficult is our lack of discipline.

im hoping that many more would be environmentally aware.

God bless Philippines!

Mummy Sheng said...

just wanna tahnk you for all those educational posts you have here!

glad there's one like you who let people know about things like this.

keep it up!

and thanks for always being there....

ginabeloved said...

TO mummy sheng, youre always welcome. thanks also for all your supports. i sincerelt appreciate it. I love blogging because of the experiences and people i encounter here.

Mabuhay Filipina

Josh of Arabia said...

kudos for this save-the-new-generation post drive! more of this!!!! :)

ginabeloved said...

my posters can be copied, i encourage it. you may have it in your sidebar no need to advertise just to tickle your readers'/ lurkers' sense os concern.
i wouldn't be able to accomplish this goal if Im alone.

Thank you sooooooooo much for you readers and friends for all your undying support. I sincerely appreciate it.

I Love Philippines! said...

Hi friend! Yes, Blue is right. I have nominated you together with sheng,anino,emotera and weng. I have also posted this in my blog, who my top five are.

Moreover, I have tags for you and a meme (whatever!)! I got hooked on them... i don't want to appear a snob! lol!

I hope you accept them. Just see my current post ...

ginabeloved said...

well, we just can't get rid of them. its part of blogging and part of building a friendship. we should actually be thankful because people pays attention and appreciates us lol! :)

Anino said...

Magandang post!
Ako ay laging may bitbit na lumang supot para sa mga bibilhing pagkain o gamit.
Ginabeloved, may maganda akong litratong nakuha kanina lang.Ito ay tungkol sa Global Warming.Nais mo bang tingnan?Kng magustuhan mo ay maaari mong ilagay sa iyong blog.

ginabeloved said...

well done! Anino that's already a big help to our environment. i also carry with me my big cloth bag whenever i buy my stuff. hope we could do more.

Keep it up!

really? ill check it and surely post it in my sidebar.


Anino said...

Isa pa,huwag ng ipabalot kung isang piraso lang naman ang ating binili.

Ito pa ang isa na sa palagay ng ibang tao ay nakakahiya ngunit totoong ginagawa ko.
Ang mga baso ng 7/11, styrofoam,tinidor at kutsarang yari sa plastik ng fastfood ay dinadala ko sa bahay at ginagamit muli ng ilang beses.

ginabeloved said...

yeah actually di ko talaga pinapabalot kapag pwede ko pang isiksik sa bag ko yung pinamili ko san gawin din ng nakakarami. makakatulong tayo niyan actually.

:) thanks ANINO

Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one has ever stumble your blog.. =)

here is your first review in stumble upon.. nice work to save the mother earth.. i absolutely support you

Anino said...

Magandang araw,Gina.

Anino said...

Yung litrato ukol sa GLOBAL WARMING ay naayos ko na.Kaya lang ay may teknikal na problema yata ang IMAGESHACK. Ayaw mailagay eh!

May alam ka pa bang hosting site?

Liza said...

naku kung sana lang talaga susunod sa tamang pagtatapon ng basura eh di ok na ok. i own a sarisari store and i make it a point to put a garbage can beside the counter, pero hindi pa rin mai-shoot dun, pagkabalat ng candy kahit saan saan na lang tinatapon, ang hirap magturo. ;)

thanks for the return visit, your comment and for adding me. i'll be adding your site too. happy tuesday!

Liza said...

by the way, blog ko rin yung A Simple Life ;)

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