Just yesterday, our ahm HONORABLE congressmen choose to expel Jose De Venecia out of his looong served position as SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. This year, Nograles will be SERVING THE PEOPLE until the end of his term... well that is IF THERE IS AN END to his term.

In the newspaper and over the television, I cannot help myself to pity the former speaker for he really looked like a PATHETIC JERK. When he delivered his speech, the pity turned into mockery… ( lasted only a minute.. hehe). But he was still appearing as pitiful. tsk tsk..

In his privilege speech, he stressed “In every challenge in the life of President Arroyo, I was there, standing beside her. During the battle for the proclamation of her as President I was there. I stood there and we raised the hand of President Arroyo. … I always stood by her, and in the various coup attempts against her I was there, to ensure that she continues to sit in power in Malacañang… When (impeachment cases were filed against) President Arroyo, FVR and I joined hands to rescue her and we succeeded.” A very close ally of the President (I guess Filipinos should blame him for the flaws of this administration)

Over the news, he pointed also that he and his son are receiving death threats… Now the servant is turning his back against his master for TREACHERY?
De Venecia only testifies the existence of political virus in the Philippine politics.
Once you enter politics, only two things can happen to you…

1. Survive- leave your own principles, undress your good characters and support the ruling majority of the rotten politicians. You will survive and let live more of your descendants in politics. However, if you are useless anymore in the furtherance of the ruling majority’s maneuvering of the government, then, just like De Venecia- they’ll dump you into NOWHERE.

2. Suicide- follow your principle. Stand for what you think is right. Fight for the interest of the hoi polloi. As a rookie, you would tend to do such because you still think yourself as a hero or savior for the poor people. However, you wouldn’t enrich yourself like those in the position now. You will be insulted and they would tramp at your principle. You will be cursed and treated as an OUTCAST. Worst, your voice will never be heard then how can you further your objectives? After your fist term, even if you have done good things, you will be found dead by a bullet. Or most probably, you would choose to align yourself with the crooks. But at the end, if you are no longer of use to the ruling majority, you will just be dumped into NOWHERE.


GOOD THING: This may bring us better change.


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