unexpected visit to paradise

Lately, I had this urgent need to go home. I almost spend five days in my hometown. While traveling through the place where loneliness is waiting for me, I tried to deviate my emotion from mourning to smelling the fragrance of the trees and enjoying the beauty of the mountains not minding the noise of the rain.
After many years, the place has changed a bit. The road is still rocky but now safer, the trees are almost covering the roads, and the mountains are still perfect and not destroyed by many typhoons that bombarded the place. The aroma of the wet fresh leaves and the solemn sound of the rain and the coldness of the atmosphere made me reminisce my childhood.
The same atmosphere embraced me as the soft fog gently kissed my pale face. The long travel didn’t give me a chance to nap or rest because the clouds invited my senses to tour the mountaintop and hills. The remoteness of the place does not bring loneliness but relaxation. The tranquility of the atmosphere does not bring boredom but peace of mind. These have settled my senses from the stress from work and polluted city and forget about mourning for awhile to thank God for all His wonderful works. Being in this little paradise will quiet your mind from schedules and workloads because time runs unnoticeably like living in a Brigadoon. Despite my grandmother’s death it has given me a chance to experience again the beauty of nature in the brace of simple and serene remote place.
However, the fear of global warming came like a lightning into my mind. The continued effects of global warming have attacked many places already. Its effects are existing and is damaging. I fear that global warming might intercept in this hidden paradise. Things that should be done and should not kept my mind busy ruining the relaxation I was enjoying. Thankfully, a moment with God for a simple prayer pacified my feelings until we finally reached our destination.


Magari said...

All is only temporary.

Change is the only constant of the universe.

While God needs these mountains beautiful and moist now. He will call upon their matter for more important plans in the future.

ginabeloved said...

yeah all is merely temporary like life. someday God will get back what He has given us. While we're still here living let's seek our God given purpose and fulfill it before its too late.

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