flOOdy flOOD

The typhoon Chedeng that recently visited the Philippines has left an unpleasant memories and souvenirs. Most of the northern part was flooded leaving a hundred of families homeless and temporarily evacuated. These experiences are incomparable or in some other areas same as to the effect of typhoon Milenyo. Milenyo has drowned lots of lives and houses. Flood has always been a dilemma that visits this country every rainy season.

The terrible floods witnessed probably were in 1991, when Isla Verde, Ormoc was engulfed by logs, mud and uprooted trees, the same thing had happened in most part of Quezon. At this time, the affected families are still on the process of recovering. These two floods are just among the many floods that happened in the Philippines. Some places, today, are considered now as the “flood area”. These are just few tremendous effects of the ineffective human activities. The non- stop abuse of the forest, the illegal logging, the uncontrolled puting up of shanties in the river bank, the dumping of garbage in the river, the continued reconstruction of the farms into subdivisions, etc have, undeniably, caused the unwanted phenomenon in the country. This “long ago” problem is getting worse due to the heedlessness of the government to the problem and lack of discipline among Filipinos. The governmental bodies responsible for the problem keeps on blaming each other when flood arise but the eagerness to stop the problem cannot be sensed from them. Years have passed and no better changed have occurred, the contributing factors to flood are continuously being practiced by hard headed individuals. Sadly, most of the less fortunate suffers.

Time has not run out yet. It's not yet late to change for the better. Every individual have a responsibility and each have an obligation. Stop inane suggestions with political interest. Instead, build a stonger combination of a disciplined mind towards waste and a strong government’s political will to effectively solve the problem with flood.


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