rain rain come quickly

Yesterday, when the rain pours, I usually sing “rain rain go away come again another day…” It showed how I hated rainy season because it ruined my day. Can’t play outside, Can’t make noise, Can’t dry the laundry and it’s keeping me bored entering school or work.

Today, I hope to sing that song again but it seems odd. It hadn’t rain much since June, the start of rainy season. It seems like that “someday” is not perceivable to come.

At present, Philippines is experiencing a horrendous situation- DROUGHT. Farmers are bothered that someday they may have nothing to harvest due to dry season. Every thirsty individual are frightened by water shortage. Temperature is getting hotter. Seems like climatic change has taken its toll, hailstorm and tornado are being experienced in some parts of the country and leaving a number of families homeless. Though cloud seeding had been done, the expected and needed precipitation has not yet been reached leaving the farmers worried yet hopeful. If this problem persists, certainly many more would suffer.

If today it will rain, I will no longer sing that song instead I’ll praise God for the gift of rain and ask for more so the farmers’ hope be bountifully fulfilled.


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